The Asylum seeker Advocate - Marion Le

The Asylum Seeker Advocate

Marion Lê




Marion Lê is a dynamo of energy whom I have known and admired for many years. I have tried to convey a sense of her energy by leaving some of my brush strokes rough and unfinished. Although she is tiny in statue, she is not delicate, and I have tried to convey her strength with strong brush stokes and strong colours . She is a colourful character with a strong personality who stands out in our social and political environment.


She has campaigned tirelessly for the asylum seekers who manage to reach Australia's shores since the first boat arrivals of Vietnamese refugees.


I have seated Marion sideways on her couch – there is always room beside her for one more. In the background behind the couch are the asylum seekers Marion fights for, slowly fading from the public's consciousness because they have been imprisoned a long way away, separated from us by red tape.