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Ginninderra Falls, Wallaroo

Acrylics 76 x 92 cms This is a fluid painting. There are basically 4 pours. The sky. Double stacked pour for cliffs. Ribbon pour left to right. Ribbon pour right to left. Some additional touching up.

'I promised my kids'; December 2019

Acrylics Diptych, 120 x 60 cms each This painting is reflection on the lost promises of fire-fighters to their children as they fought the dreadful bushfire that tore across Australia from October 2019 to February 2020. As the fires raged and damages mounted, the Prime Minister went missing. He was located in Hawaii. His explanation for desert g his post

Geoff Page, Poet

Geoff Page, poet Acrylics 75 x 100 cms I have tried to capture a particular aspect of Geoff’s personality; the one I most associate with him. It is not aloofness. It is more of a laid-back attitude and the ability to quietly watch what is going on around him without needing to be the centre of attention. His observations of peoples lives and interactions are reflected in his poetry. I have him seated at eye level, ready to converse or listen. Like his personal surroundings, I have kept my portrait uncluttered, almost simple and straight forward.

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* Little movie of mural competed March 2019

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"Ted and Shirl: Grey Nomads"  

Acrylics 75 X 100 cms

Semi Finalist


2015 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize



* A small movie of the painting  Billabong Mural for your amusement

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* Another short movie a couple of minutes long from 2009

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