Ann Wentworth


Ann Wentworth AM



I became a feminist after reading The Feminine Mystique and hearing Betty Friedan speak in 1963 at Cornell, USA. I still have the book, falling apart as it is.

I talked lots and achieved less but I am pleased with contributing to the Women’s Movement in Canberra. All those meetings.

I helped set up the Domestic Violence Crisis Centre and the Abortion facility in Civic through Family Planning.

Setting up and running the first Women’s Unit in the ACT and my membership of WEL, and subsequent position as co-ordinator, were very important in my life.

Domestic violence and elder abuse, a woman’s right to control her own body from birth to death, access to safe affordable housing, equal pay for work of equal value are areas where I tried to make a positive contribution.

But above all I want to say how much I appreciated and loved working with like minded women seeking to achieve equality. It should no have been so difficult and maybe one day it won’t be.



'Here is my friend Ann catching up with me for a chat.  I have tried to reflect her deep interest in politics and her acute enjoyment in sharing my news by keeping my brush strokes light and fast, almost impressionist in appearance.