Carol Kee

Carol has been a feminist all her life, although she didn’t realise it until in her thirties. Having watched how her mother had to “handle” her father to get what she wanted, she realised there had to be a better way. When she lost a promotion due to the appellant being a father and husband and therefore requiring the extra money (regardless that Carol was a single mum), she got angry! Her life’s career includes teacher, special education manager, women’s advisor for employment, education and training, policy officer, epidemiologist. Carol is now retired, still attending rallies and plotting at the kitchen table over a bottle of chardy. She is invigorated by young women taking up the baton too.




'This should be Carol and Taffy.  The dog was determined to be part of whatever was going on.  I have painted Carol as I know her; straight forward, straight speaking and lots of fun.  The Equality flag flies behind her.  I learned lot from Carol!