Down at Coppins Crossing (before we fell in)


ACT Human Rights Commission Annual Art Award 2012

Human Rights Commissioners Choice

theme: celebrating children and young people

When I saw the advert for the ACT Human Rights Commission Art Competition I immediately thought of some drawings I had made of my granddaughter one afternoon down at Coppin’s Crossing.  She had accompanied me on a drawing trip.  It was a beautiful moment in time.  As I drew she played around me and then got bolder and more adventurous until finally she fell in the water and we had to go home. This drawing is a composite of the quick sketches I made that day.  I have tried to maintain the immediacy of the time by keeping  it very simple through the use of ordinary lead pencils, and not too finished with just a light touch of colour with some pastel pencils to highlight. I have tried to impart the joy of the moment,  the child blissfully singing to herself, playing with the water, paddling, hopping from rock to rock, occasionally checking on me. So happy. No pollution, no  war, exactly as all children should be allowed to be - safe.