Marion Le


Marion Lé


Marion Lé, AM, was born in the small town of Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand, the eldest of four children and the only girl.  This made her uniquely qualified to recognise early the gender dynamics of family and society and to strive to find her niche in a world which excluded girls from many spheres including the professions, sports and social interaction.

Marion is a strong believer in human rights and is especially responsive to the needs of children and the disadvantaged in our society.  She has advocated strongly in the political realm for increased public housing, for ongoing funding for assisting women and children at risk and for the disabled and the mentally ill. She has been active intellectually, politically and socially, seeing feminism as developing opportunities for women and girls to function to their full potential in every and any sphere the choose. Marion is a trained teacher and educator who values education and believes that the way to change is through education and example.  Activism and advocacy must inevitably result from a broad education where human beings are valued and equal opportunities are offered to all regardless of colour, creed, race or religion.

Marion has been recognised in Australia and in Canberra in particular by several awards for her work with migrants, refugees, the homeless, and disadvantaged women and children.  The diversity of her awards is the measure of her feminism.  Marion is humbled by the wonder of her journey from a small country town in New Zealand 70 years ago from Canberra into the world including Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, England, Fiji, Malaysia, Portugal, Turkey and Vietnam.



'I have painted Marion as I know her; vivacious, brightly coloured, plenty of jewellery, interested in everything.  I have seated her at one end of the couch; there is always room for one more around Marian.  Behind her are her clients barred from joining us by red tape.'This was originally called The Refugee Advocate.'