So far only one landscape exhibition. see “Out Around the Place”

Nearly Home
Nearly Home
This painting is of the gate to the property where I am currently living. It looks lovely here in the Autumn with the gentle warm light flowing over everything. The rest of the year this space can be quite dissolute, dusty dry in summer and a bog in winter.

Our Legacy
Our Legacy: after the flood, Ginninderra Creek, Wallaroo
Our Legacy: after the flood, Ginninderra Creek, Wallaroo. A lot of rain in a short time after a long drought. The water rose more than 3 metres and fell in less than 5 hours, covering my low-level bridge and leaving this rubbish in its wake. There is rubbish all along the waterline down the creek washing into the Murrumbidgee River.

Old Parkwood (Wallaroo)
Old Parkwood (Wallaroo)
A view of where I am currently living. My place is further around behind the shearing shed. This view is of the original selection of the Southwell Family and the little cottage and church date from their time. The immediate surrounding is a thoroughbred horse stud. There used to be a schoolroom in the pitched roof of the house (circa 1870). Behind the house is a memorial stone to the little babies and children who died in the early days (1850 – 1870). One mother lost a newborn three years in a row. More than 14 children grew up in the cottage.
109 X 175 cm Acrylics on stretched canvas

Ginninderra Falls, Wallaroo
Ginninderra Falls, Wallaroo (2020) Ginninderra Falls, Wallaroo

This is a fluid painting. There are basically 4 pours. The sky. Double stacked pour for cliffs. Ribbon pour left to right. Ribbon pour right to left. Some additional touching up. Acrylics 76 x 92 cms
Bushfire Season triptych
Bushfire Season, January 2014, looking to the NEBushfire Season, January 2014, looking to the NE
(triptych 3 X (45 X 61cm) Acrylics on Stretched Canvas
I have tried to convey the general dryness (no rain at this time for over 3 months) of this landscape in late January 2014. I have tried to show the desiccation of the wild grasses, the boiling tar on the bitumen road, the sweep of treeless plains, the openness of the horizon and the unsparing relentless heat of our blue skies. A small spark and a bit of wind and the whole area goes up in flames.

Towards the Brindies
Towards the Brindies (2007)
This was my first landscape tromp l’oeil, plein air, a landscape with an easel with a landscape.