Here are some of my favourite drawings.  Most of these have not been exhibited.  I start with pencil sketches, not here, then move to lovely thick sheets of paper and the nib and ink,  They take ages and lots of patience.  I love the detail involved when working with ink.  And, it is unforgiving so each mark has to be predetermined.  I use a lot of rubber latex to keep some areas clean. I hit on a theme and then I have to work it through – just draw until whatever has motivated me has worked its way out of my system.  I cannot do other work until I go through this process.  This is not just contained to ink drawing , so also with some of my painting themes, which often end up as exhibitions.  Unfortunately the topics tend to be a bit in one’s face and not really very peaceful and jolly.

Tight Drawings

All A4 paper in pencil, pen and water colours. These are all in sketchpads, and I was trying to explore

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2006 2007 2009


the pastels

Being allowed to draw was such a liberation for me. I drew everything! I decided as I had 40 years

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figure studies or life drawings

These are just a few from the early days. Of course, every portrait starts with a drawing. Like every artist,

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Ink sketches

A selection of drawings I remembered to photograph. I love working in ink. It is so unforgiving. Every mark has

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Ink Washes (despair)

They were all done at a particularly low time. Actually looking at them now, if a friend of mine was

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