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One day, whilst experiencing some downtime, ‘resting’, I thought I’d just locate a manuscript I had written previously and see if I could salvage something and maybe get a publisher interested. I had at one stage organised quite a few weddings and had written a long story about what might have happened at one of the weddings. It was quite an experience. Some effort later I submitted it, and one publisher came back to say they might be interested. While waiting to hear, in great excitement, I wrote a sequel. The publisher did not take up my original story although expressed great interest. Something about it not fitting in any of the writing genres!!! I thought ‘Blast them All’, and I self-published my sequel – Snatch and Grab. I split my original novel in half and rewrote two more adventures of my wedding coordinator extraordinaire Belle Saint James. I then had to see Belle through and at the end of about four years, I had self-published six books.

By the Way, I proclaim a new genre – Old Chooks Books. If you can have Chick Lit you can have Old Chooks Books.

So, really, they were published out of order. I had a lot of fun writing them, which I hope is reflected in the novels themselves. I am quite inspired by Belle Saint James. She is quite a gal. She has a FaceBook Page which I neglect horribly.

The books are available in hard copy and by eBook.

In my mind the correct order to read the novels is;

Hide and Seek which introduces Belle and her friends and family.

Snatch and Grab which focuses on Belle’s partner Marcel(Mark) Smith

Round and Around is a story of friendship and focuses on Sylvie Sutton

Inside the Tent is Clara-Rose Duggan’s story and her relationship with Belle. It is also, probably, the most autobiographical.

Rule of Thumb involves all the main characters and could be seen as a social commentary around an issue that is starting to get more air, Domestic Violence.

Here Comes the Bride is Belle’s memoirs of weddings she has organised; the good, the disgusting and the disastrous.



Here Comes the Bride

Memoirs of a Wedding Coordinator A guest dies on the toilet? A naked wedding? A groom left at the altar?

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Rule of Thumb

Wedding Coordinator Belle Saint James is in somewhat of a difficult social situation. The mother of the bride, her old

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Inside the Tent

Belle Saint James, wedding coordinator extraordinaire, organises the election campaign of her best friend Clara-Rose Duggan.  Belle is quite sure

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Round and Around

Belle Saint James is absolutely outraged!  After all she has done to help her best friend Sylvie Sutton!  She finds

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Snatch and Grab

Where is Wedding Coordinator Belle Saint James? When Marcel (Mark) Smith, private investigator, ex-police officer, Vietnam veteran arrives at the

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Hide And Seek

‘Aren’t wedding coordinators supposed to prevent that sort of thing?” queried Carol. THis is the question that greeteed wedding Coordinator

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