Bush Tracks; Bush Capital (2011/12)

This collection was created to show how much of Canberra, the Nations Capital is still bush. As one travels along the main highways there are all sorts of little tracks, hiking tracks and lay-bys just beckoning to be explored. I stopped, and went, and looked.

20 small paintings (78 x 152 cm) Acrylics on stretched canvas. Framed. 2011/2012

Shearing the Lost Ewes (2015)

This small mob of prime merinos went missing.  When found they were over-wooled and had lambs. A Border-Leicester Ram had escaped from a neighbouring property and had his way. the lambs were all merino cross border Leicester, and their wool had to be kept separate from the fine merino wool of their mothers when shorn. If you look closely at the last few paintings you will see that the little lambs have clips on their tails to take their tails off.

15 small paintings (78 X 152 cm) Acrylics on stretched canvas.  Framed. 2015

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