Statement by the Artist About Exhibitions

Putting together an exhibition is a huge personal effort and expense. It’s like a lot of things in my life. It would be so nice if someone else just did it!

I’ll spell it out.

You have to find the exhibition space well in advance; then either talk the curator into allowing you to use the space or go through an application process.

It costs money up front to hire the venue.

You need to have a body of work as examples of what you intend to exhibit. You then have to complete an enlarged collection to show by the agreed date. Each of those artworks has to be finished properly, dry, framed if necessary (especially so the buyer can take it straight home and hang it).

Meanwhile, you will have produced a flyer and distributed it and produced several press releases and put those out via whatever media you have access to.

Each artwork has to be labelled with your name, name of work, dimensions of work, and medium used. A catalogue is produced from your labelling.

You hang the artworks.

You have a launch or an opening, with an invited speaker to talk about your work (and yourself). Hopefully you have lots of guests and some buyers. Often you have to mind the exhibition and show poeple through and explain your works.

At the end of the exhibition, you have to take down your artworks, distribute any you may have sold and returned the exhibition space to its original condition. Sometimes you might actually cover costs! 

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