Round and Around

Belle Saint James is absolutely outraged!  After all she has done to help her best friend Sylvie Sutton!  She finds Sylvie’s diary in which Sylvie is slagging off at Belle and whining that belle is not helping her!

Sylvie is looking for her niece Nandi whom they all think may have joined a cult.  Sylvie has gone on the road, travelling from one market and country show after another, masquerading as a fortune teller in an attempt to locate the cult and Nandi.  Sylvie’s friends Belle and Clara-Rose Duggan do their best to help with finances and visiting, but Sylvie Is often difficult to help.  And because it is Sylvie, who could find a man on the moon, there is man complications as well!

Belle needs to maintain her business as a wedding coordinator and she misses Sylvie’s support as her main marriage celebrant.  Sylvie’s quest is very expensive for Belle.

Will Belle and Sylvie’s friendship survive the adventure?

Does Nandi want to be found?

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