Canberra’s Feminist Strength (2017)

Feminist and proud of it.  In a scary, changing, backward-looking world it is useful to stop and reflect on what has been achieved for women.  It is just on 50 years since the legislation that said women could not work if they were married was lifted.  It’s hard to imagine that that was the reality for many of the women in this exhibition.  All of us who have come after have benefitted from theirs and others efforts on our behalf.

There are nineteen works in the exhibition. (Well, really there are 18 because I threw in a satirical self portrait of myself.) They are all in acrylics on stretched canvas and are of different sizes.  They are head and shoulders portraits in the main.

The women in this exhibition have been chosen firstly, because I personally knew each of them and I was relatively comfortable approaching them to sit for me.  (Never an easy thing to ask!)  And, secondly, because I am aware of the effort they with many others have put in without glory or acknowledgement; the meetings, the submissions, the campaigning, the quiet lobbying.  I am extremely sorry not to have managed to do more.

The following Canberra women in alphabetical order are included;

Sue Andrews, Margaret Berlin, Dorothy Broom, Robyn A Duncan, Meredith Edwards, Gwen Gray, Elaine Harris, Meredith Hinchcliffe, Carol Kee, Marion Le, Gail Radford, Heather Reid, Margaret Ryan, Marian Sawer, Adele Stevens, Philida Sturgiss-Hoy, Val Thomson and Ann Wentworth.

Julie McCarron-Benson (artist)

P.S. Here is a video of a media interview about the exhibition. Thank you Andrew and the Canberra Chronicle.

Here is a photo of most of the models (smiling!) at the opening event.

Layout of the portraits at the exhibition.

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