Every Wall is Door (2009)

2009, 11th-29th June;  Solo exhibition: “Every Wall is Door” Tuggeranong Arts Centre;  consisted of 22 internal household doors, my favourite support,  combined some trompe l’oeil works and also showed a form of expressive realism created using a range of mediums and effects. Some of the works tell a story or have some sort of symbolic significance.

Featured ( very briefly) on the ACT ABC Stateline, Friday 5th July https://youtu.be/9_t7GPocS_c

The serendipitous acquisition of 13 new matching household doors provided the impetus for this somewhat eclectic second solo exhibition by McCarron-Benson. This series of works explores the door in all its variety yet restricted entity; it’s shape and its size, it’s surface,consideration of whether to enhance the door itself or use it as a support to portray something else. Is it a shut door? Or is it an open door, to see through, a portal into another world or dimension? The genre of the collection ranges from trompe l’oeil to surreal expressionism. 

There were 22 internal household doors in this collection of works, some new and some recycled. Some are object d’art and some are functioning doors. Some are lovely trompe l’oeil and some are social commentaries. 

This stunning exhibition was opened at 6pm on Thursday 11th June 2009 by Domenic Mico.

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