Out around the Place (2012)

2012, 29 September – 29 October, solo exhibition “Out around the Place”

Wright Space Gallery 47 Cork Street Gundaroo NSW

29 September – 29 October 2012  Saturdays and Sundays 11 – 4

Official Opening with afternoon tea

2.30pm Saturday 29th September 2012

This collection of works explores the local landscape, out around the place.  It encompasses the diversity of the local region from the peaks of the Snowy mountains, the rounded curves of the ranges and the vales of the Molonglo river.  Humanity’s hand on this land has been cruel and unthinking, yet the discerning eye can spy out remnants of the old landscape, not cleared, eroded or overstocked – mostly the bits deemed of no use.  These bits stand defiant, and attract through their very stoicism these portraits of the land.

The photos seem very dark and stodgy and do not show the subtle changes of tone in the paintings.  Most of the paintings are of views around the Canberra region.  At the time of painting the undergrowth was showing its winter coat – the aftermath of good rain after drought had broken.  Lots of grass undergrowth starting to dry out as the spring rains had not yet happened and  all under the beautiful blue skies of the regions winters (minus temperatures overnight and glorious days).

The three painting titled Latham 1, 2 and 3 are painted with a limited palatte of 5 colours.  The paints were a gift from Winson and Newman paint manufacturers of a new acrylic paint.  It was like painting with cream with the colour staying on top of the canvas and staying true to its original application (usually acrylic paints tend to dry much darker than when first applied).  

The Fantasy Trees were painted as an attempt to move out of my head into representing the view around me and to move from  tight detailed ink drawings into the much freer painting.  I had just completed the works for  my earlier exhibition ‘the sacking’ see galleries.

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