Solo 2010

2010, 2 -20 September; Solo Exhibition, “Solo 2010”, Monday to Friday 9-5, Sat & Sun 1-4 Tuggeranong Arts Centre Gallery, 137 Reed Street, Greenway; featuring 11 works over 15 doors.

The works in this collection delve into a range of emotions. They are presented on internal household doors (some new, most recycled) in a variety of medium. There are 11 works over 15 doors. The pieces wander through an array of genre, from my own brand of simplified Trompe L’oeil to expressive collages.
These works were produced under what can only be described as ‘trying’ circumstances. The restraints of minimal workspace and time are probably reflected in the overall theme. Also because I was working with my elbows tucked in, so to speak, they became an exploration of what could be done to a door with a bit of imagination.
The topics presented themselves, almost automatically, they just flowed onto the doors. Each door seemed to open itself to be presented in its particular way. Even the titles of the works presented themselves

Comfort (cave cavorting)  a simplified Trompe L’oeil
Comfort (cave cavorting)
Confusion ( IN and OUT)  Confusion ( In And Out) a diptych, attempts to portray movement and action using colour and line, and is the antithesis of myself who is either IN or Out.
Confusion ( IN and OUT)
Despair (River of Tears)  a collage and is an extension of my series of drawings, River of Tears. There were times during these last months when I could have just laid down on the floor and bawled. This more or less represents those times.
Despair (River of Tears)
Detail: Despair (River of Tears)
Change(faces)  a triptych – I’ve adapted one of the doors from a previous exhibition. This work represents time and the changes that occur, along the lines of the more things change the more they stay the same. So although the dot work on the original door moves across free drawing into lines on the far door it is still represents the face of a child
Happiness (cavorting with Books)  a simplified Trompe L’oeil
Happiness (cavorting with Books)
Hope (ever Upwards)  a simplified Trompe L’oeil
Hope (ever Upwards)
Joy (field of sunflowers)  how lovely would it be to sit on the patio and sip wine?
Joy (field of sunflowers)
Loneliness (lunch on a black sunday)  a collage of pasta and is a total indulgence. It started as an idle moment after observing a child playing with spaghetti and wondering if I could replicate the lines in a drawing. (n.b. spaghetti doesn’t work )
Loneliness (lunch on a black sunday)
Life's Good ( wouldn't be dead for quids)  a diptych, is the first of a series in this more abstract exploration of colour and line.
Life’s Good ( wouldn’t be dead for quids)
Isolation (lost horizons)  a simplified Trompe L’oeil
Isolation (lost horizons)

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